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60922 Wooden toy - "Penguins riders with a lace"

This bright and cute toy from Trefl will appeal to any baby! Three adorable penguins in colorful scarves are combined into an unusual locomotive and ready to go! In front there is a rope by which the kid can pull a toy on a floor. The toy is made of ecological wood


  • High-quality grinding without sharp edges and hooks;
  • Materials are safe for the child;
  • Not toxic dyes.
Wooden toy - "Penguins riders with a lace" Дерев'яні іграшки TREFL 60922 5900511609226
60920 Wooden toy - "100 BLOCKS" (27 * 22.5 cm)

With a bright and cool set from Trefl, your child can build anything with bright, colorful wooden blocks. The set includes 100 parts of different shapes to build the coolest and most incredible designs. All elements are made of high-quality ecological wood and painted with dyes safe for children's health.


  • Safe materials;
  • Develops logic and imagination;
  • Perfectly polished blocks;
  • High quality dyes.
  • Age: from 2 years.
Wooden toy - "100 BLOCKS" (27 * 22.5 cm) Дерев'яні іграшки TREFL 60920 5900511609202
60921 Wooden toy - "Railway"

Not only children, but also their parents will enjoy playing with such a toy. The toy is an endless track with a train, cars and other elements. The game process forms the skills of logical thinking, helps to develop visual and motor coordination, and also trains dexterity and hand motor skills.

Wooden toy - "Railway" Дерев'яні іграшки TREFL 60921 5900511609219
60924 Wooden toy - "Developing cube"

A cute toy-developer, made in the form of a bright, wooden cube is sure to please your baby. After all, there are so many interesting things. Multicolored beads that move through a wire maze, bills, finger maze. In addition, the toy helps in the development of the child: with its help the baby will gain basic skills of arithmetic, colors, as well as learn to concentrate and will train dexterity of the fingers.

Wooden toy - "Developing cube" Дерев'яні іграшки TREFL 60924 5900511609240
60930 Wooden toy - "Developing train Chukh-Chukh"

The wooden toy will attract children's attention with its bright and unusual design. The toy consists of a locomotive with a funny face, which can be used as a sorter pyramid. Kids will be happy to string rectangular bars on its pins, looking at images of animals. The locomotive is joined by a car, on the platform of which there is a wire labyrinth with elements of different shapes and colors that can be moved along the entire length of the wire.


  • Sorter and maze;
  • On 2 pins you can string 4 multi-colored squares with images of different animals and birds;
  • On 1 pin to provide an oval head of the locomotive with the image of a funny face and a ball;
  • The locomotive can be driven;
  • The elements are made of natural wood and painted with bright non-toxic paints;
  • The game will help children develop logical and spatial thinking, color perception, train memory, attention and hand motor skills.
Wooden toy - "Developing train Chukh-Chukh" Дерев'яні іграшки TREFL 60930 5900511609301
60929 Wooden toy - "Sort by shape" (14.5 * 14.5 * 14.5 cm) / "Trefl"

The wooden toy sorter will not only entertain the kid, but also will help him to develop, to study forms, colors and to train logical thinking. The essence of the toy is to lower the three-dimensional figures into a wooden box through special slots. Each figure has its own slot, corresponding to its shape. In this way the baby will be able to have fun and learn at the same time.

  • Develops logical thinking;
  • Safe ecological materials;
  • Helps to study colors and shapes.
Wooden toy - "Sort by shape" (14.5 * 14.5 * 14.5 cm) / "Trefl" Дерев'яні іграшки TREFL 60929 5900511609295
60925 *Дерев'яна іграшка - "Стук - Стук" (21.8 см * 12 см * 10 см) / "Trefl" TREFL
*Дерев'яна іграшка - "Стук - Стук" (21.8 см * 12 см * 10 см) / "Trefl" Дерев'яні іграшки TREFL 60925 5900511609257
60918 Wooden toy - "Tick - Tack"

Educational children's watch will be the most favorite and exciting toy for your baby. They will help the child to develop creative abilities, to form reasoning skills and to improve a design. The toy helps to learn colors, numbers, and is also ideal for developing dexterity. These bright and colorful watches will teach your child many things that are useful for a growing man, will help develop cause-and-effect relationships and logical thinking.


  • Safe ecological wood;
  • Not toxic dyes;
  • Bright design;
  • Helps to study hours, minutes.

Wooden toy - "Tick - Tack" Дерев'яні іграшки TREFL 60918 5900511609189