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296/140 COMFORT Breast Pads ТМ "BabyOno"
COMFORT Breast Pads Вкладки лактаційні ТМ "BabyOno" 296/140 5901435408681
37071 Anti-colic warmer

All around wellbeing with "Bellywell"

  • soothes stomach aches when suffering from colic and flatulence
  • long-lasting, pleasant heat
  • featuring purely natural lavender oil
  • ergonomic design fi ts baby’s tummy perfectly
  • extremly light and small
  • pleasantly soft surface
  • just 30 to 60 seconds to heat up in the microwave
  • 0% BPA
  • Phthalate frei
Anti-colic warmer АКСЕСУАРИ ТМ "NIP" 37071 4000821370715
6420 Designer "Space Research" (256 elm.) Rocket with crew

Bright plastic designer BanBao "Space Research" Rocket with a crew will attract your child's attention and will not let her get bored. With the help of design elements, the child will be able to assemble a real rocket with a crew. The elements of the designer are made of plastic, odorless and do not contain toxic substances. All parts are securely fastened to each other, so the child can play with the assembled model. The set includes 1 figurine and colorful assembly instructions.

The set consists of an astronaut figure and a rocket.

The child will be able to play for hours with this designer, coming up with different stories. Assembling the constructor, the child develops imagination, perseverance, fine motor skills, spatial and logical thinking.

  • age: from 5 to 12 years
  • number of parts: 256 pcs
  • material: plastic
ТМ "Banbao"
Designer "Space Research" (256 elm.) Rocket with crew Серія: "Космічні дослідження" ТМ "Banbao" 6420 6953365364208
50302 Designer MELI "MINIS" 800 elm. (1.5x1.5cm)

As many as 800 small, well-designed elements for spatial construction and creation of mosaic paintings are placed in the creative game set MELI MINIS 800. Why is the Meli MINIS series unique? Because thanks to the exciting game, children have a chance not only to learn colors, develop manual skills, but also to activate the layers of their creativity! With this set, you can be sure that your child will have enough elements to create the most fantastic models and designs. Learning through play is the perfect combination!

Designer MELI "MINIS" 800 elm. (1.5x1.5cm) MINIS звичайні TM "MELI" 50302 5902431290362
645 Bottle warmer with 2-in-1 sterilization function

Electronic 2 in 1 heater with a wide range of temperature settings allows you to precisely heat food in bottles and ready meals in jars, as well as to heat dense food on steam in a specially attached bowl. It also has the ability to burn soothers and small bottle parts. It has a function of maintaining temperature and its precise selection, as well as protection against overheating. Thanks to the backlit display, which is visible during the night hours and automatically switches off when the water evaporates. The electronic heater is suitable for all types of bottles and jars of food. It is made of durable and safe materials, which ensures the highest quality and safety of the product.


  • gentle heating of the natural food in a water bath, while preserving its nutritional value
  • fast and precise heating of bottles and ready meals in jars
  • Evaporation of soothers and small parts of bottles
  • Preheating the dense steamed food in a special bowl attached to the bowl
  • the function of maintaining a constant temperature
  • night vision, backlit LCD display
  • Precise selection of the temperature level
  • intuitive operation
  • fits all food bottles and jars available on the market
  • Overheating protection
  • automatic switch-off after evaporation of water

  • Preheater chamber
  • the function of maintaining a constant temperature
  • backlit LCD display
  • Overheating protection
  • automatic switch-off after evaporation of water
  • energy-efficient technology
  • safe materials – cup made of polypropylene for warming food (Bisphenol A-free)
  • adapted to all bottles and jars available on the market.
  • temperature range: 30˚C – 100˚C


  • bowl
  • cover
  • manual
ТМ "BabyOno"
Bottle warmer with 2-in-1 sterilization function Електричні підігрівачі ТМ "BabyOno" 645 5901435409398
01493 Board game - "Mistakos" / Ukrainian version

Contents: 24 chairs in 3 colors: 8 green, 8 blue, 8 black.

The object of the game is to get rid of your chairs, Divide the chairs evenly between the players. Players must place the chairs on top of each other so that the construction of the chairs does not fall. Only one chair should basically touch the table, all others are placed on it. Adult players use only one hand in the game. If the chairs fall during the player's turn, he must pick up all the fallen chairs. Players go clockwise. The winner is the one who is the first to lose all his chairs.

Board game - "Mistakos" / Ukrainian version Настільні ігри ТМ "TREFL" 01493 5900511014938