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8769 Designer "Transportation" (412 elm.) Bus

A bright red double-decker bus plying the city streets can often be seen in London. This designer offers the child to get his own, very reminiscent of a real, vehicle. The toy can be rolled on the floor thanks to the wheels that rotate freely, and the three mini-figures included in the kit will significantly "revive" the game.

The elements of the designer are made of durable colored plastic that does not contain harmful substances. The designer of BanBao allows the child to collect it, which promotes the development of mental abilities, imagination and motility of the child's hands.

  • age: from 5 years
  • number of parts: 412 pcs
  • material: plastic
Designer "Transportation" (412 elm.) Bus Серія: "Логістика" Banbao 8769 6953365387696
8765 Designer "Transportation" (438 elm.) Fuel truck

Such a designer is sure to attract the boy's attention. After all, thanks to plastic parts, he will be able to create a functional fuel truck, with which he will be able to come up with many different games.

The wheels of the machine can rotate. The tank and the cabin are connected, so everything turns separately when turning. Playing, the child will be able to develop imagination, fine motor skills of fingers, coordination of hand movements, imagination, language and perseverance.

  • age: from 5 years
  • number of parts: 438 pcs
  • material: plastic
Designer "Transportation" (438 elm.) Fuel truck Серія: "Логістика" Banbao 8765 6953365387658
8763 Designer "Transportation" (562 elm.) Truck

Thanks to the designer, the child will be able to create a multifunctional truck with two trailers and a large cab, two doors and rear-view mirrors. You can put a driver's figure in the cab behind the wheel. The set includes 2 figures, which makes the game with the assembled car more exciting. The trailer can be opened and removed so that it can be loaded. Complete with details of the designer there are detailed instructions on assembly of the car. But the child can assemble the car as he sees fit and he will succeed.

The designer helps the child to develop perseverance, learn to concentrate to achieve a certain goal, develops logical and spatial thinking, the ability to analyze and gives the child the opportunity to be creative in their experiments.

  • age: from 5 years
  • number of parts: 562 pcs
  • material: plasticшт
Designer "Transportation" (562 elm.) Truck Серія: "Логістика" Banbao 8763 6953365387634
8767 Designer "Transportation" (716 elm.) Container truck

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Елементи мають яскравий і насичений колір. Деталі без гострих кутів і безпечні для дитини. Елементи конструктора навчають основам моделювання та конструювання, тренують інтелектуальні можливості, посидючість, уважність і цілеспрямованість, розвивають уяву і творчі здібності, просторове і асоціативне мислення.

  • вік: від 5 років
  • кількість деталей: 716 шт
  • матеріал: пластик
Designer "Transportation" (716 elm.) Container truck Серія: "Логістика" Banbao 8767 6953365387672