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6653 Designer "Safari" (335 elm.) Car with a trailer for animals

Are you ready for an unforgettable safari on the river in the jungle? The motor car will be waiting

Along the river you can see all kinds of different animals. In the meadow you can see an elephant, under the waterfall you will see a snake. What is it floating next to the boat? It's a crocodile, so you better stay away. Look again, the whole river is full of crocodiles, what an exciting safari tour!

The set consists of 303 parts and detailed instructions for assembly.

It is quite easy to combine the elements due to the presence of a special block mount on each.

The finished assembled composition consists of a truck with an open trailer, as well as game figures resembling travelers and various animals (giraffe, elephant).

Details of the designer are painted with bright non-toxic dyes, which retain their color for a long time and do not fade.

Traveler figures can be placed inside the cab of the truck.
The designer can be combined with other sets of manufacturers.

The truck can be used separately for games and to roll it on a flat surface.

The designer is made of especially strong plastic of high quality.

Designer "Safari" (335 elm.) Car with a trailer for animals Серія: "Сафарі" Banbao 6653 6953365366530
6651 Designer "Safari" (836 elm.) Ranch


  • Type: Plastic
  • Number of parts: 836 pcs
  • Age: 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5
  • Designer Safari Ranch Banbao 6651 - consists of a jeep, behind which hangs a cage for a caught wild lion!
  • Playing with all the wildlife and riding the safari is so exciting.
  • In the set: safari, house, car, figurines, animals.
  • Box size: 53x35x7 cm.
Designer "Safari" (836 elm.) Ranch Серія: "Сафарі" Banbao 6651 6974387591465
6661 Designer "Safari" (136 elm.) Zoo

BanBao Safari plastic constructor is a small building block with the help of various combinations and your child's imagination turns into wonderful objects.

"Safari is a real paradise for travelers and tourists who love pristine nature and wildlife. Many go there for such an exclusive holiday. Here you can immerse yourself in the world of jungle and shroud."

In the process of exciting play, the child will be able to combine different details and play interesting stories. Exciting game process perfectly develops hand motility, logical and figurative thinking, attention and helps to develop a certain perseverance, which will be useful to the child at school.

All parts of the designer are made of non-toxic, harmless to the child's health and the environment materials.

  • Material: plastic.
  • Complete set: 136 el., 1 figurine.
  • Age: 4+
Designer "Safari" (136 elm.) Zoo Серія: "Сафарі" Banbao 6661 6953365366615
6660 Designer "Safari" (146 elm.) Plane

Constructor Banbao Safari The plane consists of 146 parts made of high quality plastic.

Have you always wanted to look at wildlife from above? Now you can do it! Get behind the wheel of a safari plane and don't forget about the camera. Fly through beautiful landscapes full of wild animals, shoot them on video or take beautiful pictures. Look closely, you can see leopards, and they are so hard to spot.

  • The set includes an airplane, a pilot figurine, animal figurines, accessories.
  • Box size: 28x19x5.5 cm.
Designer "Safari" (146 elm.) Plane Серія: "Сафарі" Banbao 6660 6953365366608