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5123 Constructor "Birds" (408 elm.) 3 in 1

The 3-in-1 series of constructors have in their set three different figures of birds, the details of which can be combined with each other. And help to study the species of birds.

The designer gives endless opportunities for an interesting game: after all three types of figures have been collected, create your own birds, as your imagination will tell you!

The elements of the designer are made of plastic, odorless and do not contain toxic substances. All parts are securely fastened to each other, so the child can play with the assembled model.

The child will be able to play for hours with this designer, coming up with different stories. Assembling the constructor, the child develops imagination, perseverance, fine motor skills, spatial and logical thinking.
age: from 5 years
material: plastic

ТМ "Banbao"
Constructor "Birds" (408 elm.) 3 in 1 Серія: "Пташки" ТМ "Banbao" 5123 6974387591540