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9725 Constructor "Merry Hill with balls" (110 elm.)

It is very important for a child's development that during the game he creates, not destroys, in order to understand the value of the work and effort he puts in during the lessons. A good example of this type of activity is the assembly of constructors, combining elements of which, the baby gets a certain design or even composition. For example, this set will allow you to arrange on the floor in the nursery an improvised playground for playing with friends or invent your own story with the tobs that come with it.


- the big sizes of details will allow to put them together without difficulties

- The parts are quite simple to connect, as each of them is supplemented by fasteners with convex blocks.

- The elements of the set are painted with non-toxic dyes of bright colors, which are erased for a long time and retain their original shades.

- Accessories from the set can be placed in the hands of figures.

- The designer is made of the plastic certified for production of children's goods, high quality and special durability.

- The set comes in a colorful gift box.

ТМ "Banbao"
Constructor "Merry Hill with balls" (110 elm.) Серія: "URBAN RAIL" ТМ "Banbao" 9725 6974387592530
9726 Construktort "Railway" (86 elm.) Battery-powered train

To observe, play with the children's railway is something that children like, because you can control the train, follow its movements, come up with a story where the train goes.

The train moves independently thanks to battery power and a simple push of a button in the driver's cab.

The child will be able to play for hours with this designer, coming up with different stories. Assembling the constructor, the child develops imagination, perseverance, fine motor skills, spatial and logical thinking.

ТМ "Banbao"
Construktort "Railway" (86 elm.) Battery-powered train Серія: "URBAN RAIL" ТМ "Banbao" 9726 6974387592547