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37100 Baby food heater
  • Simple one-button operation
  • modern minimal design
  • all parts (except the heating element) are dishwasher safe
  • warmer suitable for all baby bottles and food containers made of glass or plastic
  • special heating system provides reliable and soft heating of baby bottles
  • there is protection against overheating (the device turns off without water) automatic shutdown of the thermostat is provided
  • there is an optical signal function
Baby food heater ЕЛЕКТРИЧНІ ПРИЛАДИ ТМ "NIP" 37100 4000821371002
37101 Sterilizer (Steam)
  • Sterilizes 6 bottles of all types, including accessories immediately
  • Fast sterilization
  • overheat protection
  • Automatic shutdown system
  • One-click operation
  • Sterilization duration - 5 minutes (the effect lasts 30 minutes with the lid closed)
Sterilizer (Steam) ЕЛЕКТРИЧНІ ПРИЛАДИ ТМ "NIP" 37101 4000821371019