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50000 Designer MELI "BASIC" 150 elm. (2.5x2.5cm)

Developing children's creativity with fun is our mission! A set of 150 smart elements for active play will encourage your child to create flat and three-dimensional objects with greater complexity. The easy combination of elements and up to twelve colors in the set motivates the kid to build vehicles, animals, robots or houses. The child's boundless imagination will allow him to create any shapes, and in case of a momentary lack of inspiration, we suggest watching our video, which suggests interesting ideas.

Designer MELI "BASIC" 150 elm. (2.5x2.5cm) BASIC звичайний TM "MELI" 50000 5902431290003
50020 Designer MELI "BASIC" 150 elm. Pink (2.5x2.5cm)

Sweet colors, easy-to-assemble details and friendly little hands, even shapes are the hallmarks of the BASIC PINK 150 set, which contains 150 ingenious elements for building flat and three-dimensional objects. With their help, the child will create dogs, cats, ponies or houses. The set is recommended to start with an adventure with MELI blocks - a large number of elements in different colors, encourages creative entertainment and you will definitely not be bored for a long time. Missing items? Remember that our blocks can be combined in sequence, and the more elements, the better the fun!

Designer MELI "BASIC" 150 elm. Pink (2.5x2.5cm) BASIC звичайний TM "MELI" 50020 5902431290119
50005 Designer MELI "BASIC" 300 elm. (2.5x2.5cm)

Discover the joy of creation with the MELI BASIC set, which contains up to 300 elements for creative entertainment! As the number of items in the set increases, the challenge for little hands and head increases, then it becomes even more interesting! Or maybe invite parents and siblings to play? The more ideas, the more joy of creation. Colorful blocks, like puzzles, are easy to combine and allow you to collect further models - from animals and characters to vehicles and more complex structures. Don't worry about the lack of ideas - you will get new inspiration for building from the added booklet.

Designer MELI "BASIC" 300 elm. (2.5x2.5cm) BASIC звичайний TM "MELI" 50005 5902431290010
50025 Designer MELI "BASIC" 300 elm. Pink (2.5x2.5cm)

Kids love to immerse themselves in their world of dreams and fantasies, and we can help them make those dreams come true! The BASIC PINK 300 set is a rather large collection of elements in different colors. The set inspires the creation of fairy-tale characters, flowers, cars and other figurative figures that you would not even think about. Don't worry about the lack of ideas, you can get inspiration from the attached postcard. The pieces are combined like puzzles, easy to combine and easy to disassemble, so they do not require constant supervision and parental involvement. Looking for a gift idea? Now you can be sure that your child will enjoy the colorful BASIC PINK set, which encourages you to have creative entertainment.

Designer MELI "BASIC" 300 elm. Pink (2.5x2.5cm) BASIC звичайний TM "MELI" 50025 5902431290041
50100 Designer MELI "BASIC" 4in1 Construction site (2,5x2,5cm)

In the life of every child there is a time of fascination with construction machines. Thinking of them, a set of BUILDING SITE has just been created, in which an excavator, roller, bulldozer and truck are waiting for entertainment and cleaning. The instruction in the form of a booklet will help you to make figures. The package contains blocks of six colors with a warning yellow color, which reminds them that they are needed on the construction site. The series has been expanded with three additional forms required for vehicle construction. Series with 4 in 1 alarm indicate that you can build one vehicle at a time, using all the blocks. Don't wait - choose a designer for your child today!

Designer MELI "BASIC" 4in1 Construction site (2,5x2,5cm) BASIC тематичні TM "MELI" 50100 5902431290218
50110 Designer MELI "BASIC" 4in1 Fire brigade (2.5x2.5cm)

Who among children does not dream of becoming a firefighter? The 153 units included in the MELI FIRE BRIGADE kit will allow you to create up to four rescue vehicles! A fire engine and a smaller rover, a motor boat and a rescue plane are waiting to be discovered and asembled. A booklet with detailed instructions for their construction can be found step by step inside the package. The range of colors with a predominance of red reminds us that these are rescue vehicles. In addition to the standard flat elements, the set has been enriched with three new parts, without which it would be impossible to create vehicles. With this set of fun you never get bored - 4 in 1 means you can build one vehicle at a time using all the elements.

Designer MELI "BASIC" 4in1 Fire brigade (2.5x2.5cm) BASIC тематичні TM "MELI" 50110 5902431290263
50105 Designer MELI "BASIC" 4v1 Police (2,5x2,5cm)

Young children usually dream of becoming police officers. It is for them that we have created the MELI POLICE kit for the construction of police cars. A police car, a police transporter, a helicopter and a motor boat will delight every child. The package contains 117 elements, and in addition to the standard flat elements, they have been enriched with the parts needed to create vehicles. The fun never ends MELI - 4 in 1 means you can build one vehicle at a time using all the parts. Make sure that today your child can try their hand at developing interesting models for assembly.

Designer MELI "BASIC" 4v1 Police (2,5x2,5cm) BASIC тематичні TM "MELI" 50105 5902431290225
50001 Designer MELI "BASIC" 50 elm. (2.5x2.5cm)

The package contains 50 pieces of innovative blocks designed for creative entertainment. They can be used to create any shape according to your own ideas, and easy control, combining elements, encourages entertainment. The shape of the puzzle and rich colors will attract the attention of children. Too many elements at the initial stage can distract the child a little, so at the beginning of entertainment with creative bricks MELI we offer a package containing 50 shiny elements. Did you use them all for fun? We have good news for you - the BASIC series can be freely combined, increasing the joy of fun!

Designer MELI "BASIC" 50 elm. (2.5x2.5cm) BASIC звичайний TM "MELI" 50001 5902431290133
50019 Designer MELI "BASIC" 50 elm. Pink (2.5x2.5cm)

Soft, bright colors are a hallmark of the BASIC PINK series. A set of 50 elements is a great introduction to playing with MELI blocks. Simple puzzle shapes allow you to create any shape, both flat and spatial. The small size of easy-to-combine elements with pleasant, pastel tones makes it difficult to break away from them! Can fun games last for hours? Yes - you can combine the BASIC series, buying sets and thus expanding the design capabilities of young fans of creative entertainment!

Designer MELI "BASIC" 50 elm. Pink (2.5x2.5cm) BASIC звичайний TM "MELI" 50019 5902431290195
50010 Designer MELI "BASIC" 600 elm. (2.5x2.5cm)

Bright colors and up to 600 items in the package will delight little researchers and designers. Creative entertainment is a challenge for kids, but also an invitation for parents to cooperate. Help your child implement ideas that come up in a smart little head. In the absence of a creative idea, rely on the attached card and build a plane or a racing car! Simple, uniform elements are easily combined in a dream model, and they can be easily disassembled after the game. Check out how much joy a toy that creates feelings and supports a child's development can do!

Designer MELI "BASIC" 600 elm. (2.5x2.5cm) BASIC звичайний TM "MELI" 50010 5902431290027
50030 Designer MELI "BASIC" 600 elm. Pink (2.5x2.5cm)

A royal castle, a yacht, a stable, a mini-zoo or a sports car ... what else can you create from the MELI PINK 1000 set in the rainbow color palette? Many own and unique forms! And if the child does not have enough ideas, she can invite parents, siblings or other children to play or play the selected model from the attached card. This set is a challenge for the whole family. Easy to assemble and disassemble puzzle-like elements that encourage fun Don't wait - choose a set of MELI learning blocks for your child today. With our blocks, there will be great fun and the development of your child's imagination go hand in hand!

Designer MELI "BASIC" 600 elm. Pink (2.5x2.5cm) BASIC звичайний TM "MELI" 50030 5902431290058
50018 Designer MELI "BASIC" in a container of 1200 elm. (2.5x2.5cm)

The MELI BASIC 1200 set includes 1200 elements in twelve colors, which we dedicate to children who love creative entertainment together! Shiny, flat elements, like puzzles, are easy to connect and disassemble after the game. What about fun for the whole family? Parents, grandparents and children will be happy to join forces to build something unique! What can happen to the 1,200 items included in the set? A house, a spaceship, animals, a robot, a garage for cars - these are just a few examples of activating children's imagination. Forming figures from uniform parts is an exciting educational fun!

Designer MELI "BASIC" in a container of 1200 elm. (2.5x2.5cm) BASIC в контейнерах TM "MELI" 50018 5902431290232
50016 Designer MELI "BASIC" in the container 2000 elm. (2.5x2.5cm)

What can you create from the 2000 items included in the MELI BASIC EDU 2000 set? In short, the possibilities are endless! The child has a choice of his own unlimited imagination or he can use the instructions included in the set, which will reflect and create something unusual. It's hard to believe that architectural masterpieces, amazing aircraft and ground vehicles, as well as countless animals and characters can be created from small, flat, puzzle-like elements. Both assembly and disassembly are smooth and easy, all in a practical and convenient storage container. Don't delay - every opportunity is good to give a child such an amazing gift!

Designer MELI "BASIC" in the container 2000 elm. (2.5x2.5cm) BASIC в контейнерах TM "MELI" 50016 5902431290096
50017 Designer MELI "BASIC" in the container 3500 elm. (2.5x2.5cm)

With the MELI BASIC EDU 3500 set, activating creativity and stimulating children's imagination and good fun go hand in hand! Does your child enjoy creative entertainment, and are traditional constructors a constraint to that? The MELI BASIC EDU 3500 set is created especially for small designers who are most interested in composing their own unique shapes! With this set, they can share the joy of creation with their loved ones and without fear that everyone will run out of parts. With so many elements, even the most complex and insanely flat and spatial patterns can emerge! All architectural objects, complex vehicles, whimsical characters can be created with this amazing set of simple puzzle elements. Advantages that cannot be mentioned here are the ease of connection and disassembly of parts, as well as a functional container that facilitates storage after the game and prevents the loss of parts.

Designer MELI "BASIC" in the container 3500 elm. (2.5x2.5cm) BASIC в контейнерах TM "MELI" 50017 5902431290102
50004 The designer of MELI "BASIC" in the container for walk of 1000 elm. (2.5x2.5 cm)

Traveling with your favorite toys has never been so easy! A set of innovative MELI TRAVEL BOX 1000 training blocks, which contains as many as 1000 elements in colors that are convenient for children, packed in a convenient package with a handle that will come in handy at a picnic and on a hike! The toy will provide long hours of wonderful family entertainment. Small, colorful puzzle-like elements attract attention and never get bored. With their help you can create both flat and three-dimensional figures according to your imagination. Once the fun is over, all the items will find their place in a comfortable suitcase, which means that your favorite toy is always intact and in place. Mobile and convenient packaging will allow you to maintain order, and your favorite toy can accompany your child anywhere.

The designer of MELI "BASIC" in the container for walk of 1000 elm. (2.5x2.5 cm) BASIC в контейнерах TM "MELI" 50004 5902431290591
50003 The designer of MELI "BASIC" in the container for walk of 500 elm. (2.5x2.5 cm)

Favorite brick in one place? With the MELI TRAVEL BOX 500 this is possible! The collection of 500 elements in pleasant, pastel colors is designed to accompany your child at home and on the road. Convenient and practical packaging easily keeps all the elements in one place. A set of small blocks in the form of a puzzle offers unlimited opportunities for creative play, creating both flat and spatial structures. Or maybe you are looking for an original gift that will entertain and teach, as well as delight you on the go? The set, packed in a practical container with a handle, will allow you to control the order after the game. By choosing this set, you can be sure that the brick will always be in place, also during large and small trips.

The designer of MELI "BASIC" in the container for walk of 500 elm. (2.5x2.5 cm) BASIC в контейнерах TM "MELI" 50003 5902431290584
50115 Designer MELI "BASIC" The lock for princesses (2,5х2,5см)

Give your child joy with an unexpected gift! A creative set containing 439 elements in pastel colors with a booklet, which step by step will allow you to build a castle for a princess, which is sure to please every child.Creating colorful trees, towers and characters is a fun game that develops a child's motor skills, the result of which gives real pleasure. The puzzle-shaped blocks are easily combined and detached, which encourages the implementation of the child's own ideas.

Designer MELI "BASIC" The lock for princesses (2,5х2,5см) BASIC тематичні TM "MELI" 50115 5902431290270
50120 Designer MELI "BASIC" Stable (2,5x2,5cm)

Does your child dream of owning a horse farm? At this stage of your life, the MELI HORSE STABLE series will help make these dreams come true! As many as 459 easy-to-install and disassemble items in six pastel colors, a booklet with detailed instructions and special additional elements will help recreate a great pony stand. With this set you can create all sorts of shapes that can come up with any child's imagination. Don't wait - give your child joy today and give him a toy that develops creativity.

Designer MELI "BASIC" Stable (2,5x2,5cm) BASIC тематичні TM "MELI" 50120 5902431290287